Job creation and encouraging businesses to make their home in Illinois has always been one of my top priorities. New businesses in Illinois strengthen the workforce. Illinois is confronted with the challenge of needing to increase revenue in order to maintain needed services in the state. Creating jobs that allow the people of Illinois to raise a family, buy a home and provide a good education for their children is also beneficial for the state.Since my decision to run for public office, passing a substantial capital bill has always been my top priority. I voted to support a comprehensive capital plan in the legislature this year that will provide over $31 billion to update the state's infrastructure and expand current capital developments. It will also create hundreds of thousands of new jobs for our residents.

Access to quality healthcare in Illinois is a top quality of life issue for Illinoisans. We need to ensure that residents are able to locate and receive top notch medical care regardless of where they live or their economic situation. With an aging population and higher incidence of diseases such as Autism, we need to explore options in order to comprehensively address healthcare in the state.

The current buzz words with respect to the environment these days is "going green." As a lifetime Sierra Club member I enthusiastically applaud the green movement. Being environmentally friendly benefits much more than the enviroment. Negative health impacts are reduced (air quality as we reduce emissions) and other hazards are virtually eliminated (lead in paint, arsenic in treated lumber and mercury in thermometers) New jobs are created. In fact, entire new industries as we embark on green building and green remodeling practices. I have been a trong proponent of protecting and enhancing our environment since I was elected and have sponsored several pieces of legislation to that effect.

It is imperative we do right by the brave men and women who are willing to sacrafice so much for the entire country. They are willing to put their life on hold or even give up their life in order for us to enjoy our freedom. How can we say thank you for that unselfish act? We need to make sure these brave folks know that we acknowledge and appreciate the great gift they are bestowing upon us. I am honored to sit on the State Government and Veteran's Affairs Committee and have sponsored and enthusiastically endorsed legislation in Illinois on behalf of our veterans.

As a former animal shelter volunteer and Brookfield Zoo docent, I am committed to protecting animals. Strengthing penalties for those who abuse animals is a common sense measure. Ending practices that are cruel and unnecessary when more humane, and in fact more economical practices are available is simply put, the right thing to do.